3 Items You Need to Book Speaking Engagements

3 Things You Need if you Want to Book Speaking EngagementsI meet many people who say “I really want to get out there and speak more” but they haven’t set themselves up for success yet – they don’t have the right marketing tools in place.  If you want to get booked to speak, here are 3 things I recommend that you have at the ready.

  1. A good speaking bio: What constitutes good?  It has to be a reasonable length, so that someone who is introducing you can do so relatively quickly.  I recommend something between 100 – 250 words.  I know there is always more you can say and that this is an opportunity for people to know a little bit more about you, but you really do not want to go beyond 250 words.  You can always share more about yourself once you have been introduced.  So keep your speaking bio simple, so others can introduce you easily.
  2. A professional headshot: If you have not had a professional headshot taken yet, this is a really high quality investment you can make in your business.  It is something you will probably use a lot once you have it.
  3. A free offer:  If you are doing a podcast, being interviewed, or have the opportunity to speak somewhere, you want to have an offer ready so people can connect with you further and get more value from you without costing them anything.  This really helps them to develop that “know, like, and trust” factor with you.

Today’s Implementation Assignment:

Have you thought about getting out and doing speaking engagements?  If so, be sure to have these key marketing tools: a good speaking bio, a professional headshot, and some kind of free offer on hand.



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