4 Reasons You Are Not Getting Enough Clients and What To Do About Them

4 Reasons You Are Not Getting Enough Clients

If you are struggling to get enough clients in your coaching or consulting business, you are likely making one – or all – of these mistakes. Don’t sweat it though. Most of my new clients struggle with these issues before we start working together, and we turn them around quickly.

1. Your content is not really speaking to your audience.

When a new client comes to me, she has usually tried other marketing programs. She’s learned about focusing on her “ideal client” and she thinks she may even know who that is. Often, she has a pretty good idea about it, but is still struggling with how to speak to her ideal client.

If your blog posts, sales copy and invitations to connect further with your clients aren’t converting to income, you might be struggling with the same issue. It is possible that you are not getting to the heart of your ideal client’s biggest stressors and communicating clearly that you are the person who can solve them. You also may be focusing too much on the stressors themselves, rather than on the benefits of your solution.

Your content needs to leave the reader feeling connected to you, knowing that there is a solution to their problems, and believing that you can be the catalyst for their success. When it does, they will take the step to connect with you further and be primed in advance to say yes to working with you.

2. You are spending time doing the wrong things.

Most of my clients come to me after entering numerous small-priced programs that have promised quick fixes: social media that will make all the difference, free gifts that convert, the perfect website that will land clients for you, etc. So instead of focusing on the things that will actually get them clients, they end up focusing their time and attention on using tools or creating business assets without thorough strategies in place.

If you’ve done this too, you are likely in a state of frustration and panic. The frustration comes because while you’ve learned a lot from the programs, there is not enough strategy in any one to truly help you generate business. The panic comes because you’ve invested expecting a return and your credit card statement comes a lot faster.

What you’ve likely missed in these small, highly targeted programs is the comprehensive view of how to integrate the work you’ve done with what is most important to your business – connecting consistently with your ideal clients. You must always be looking at ways to get in front of them that will leverage a social media network or brand new free gift. Each is a catalyst to your success, but neither alone will show you to be the solver of your ideal clients’ greatest challenges.

3. Your Generosity Meter is Off-Kilter

Usually clients come to me with one of two problems related to their free content. They give away too little believing that providing too much detail will keep potential clients from needing them. Or they overwhelm potential clients with way too much information. You are likely doing one or the other if you are not finding that your free content is converting into sales.

If you are giving away too little, your potential client is left with the feeling that you can’t solve her issue. Your free gift or webinar didn’t make her believe that you know your stuff enough.

Conversely, if you are giving away too much information they will find it overwhelming. Overwhelm is the opposite of success. As soon as your potential client feels it, you can probably kiss working with her goodbye.

In your content, you want to give a taste of what you offer, and to provide enough information that someone who is motivated and uses your recommendations will achieve a small level of success. This small result will never replace working with you directly. Those who are willing to and interested in doing more work to get beyond the issues you solve will be motivated by their small success to reach out and work more with you.

4. You haven’t yet learned to integrate marketing and list building.

If I had a dollar for every time an entrepreneur told me they know they should be list building, but they are too busy trying to get clients, I’d be a rich woman. If you are networking or speaking at events with no mechanism for getting those you meet to join your email list, you may be struggling right along with them to build a proper pipeline.

The key to success is an integrated approach to list building; one that combines list building and marketing at the same time. Integrated list building will get you clients both right way and in the future. It fuses marketing, or events like speaking engagements or networking meetings, with list-building strategies.

Until you’ve combined the two, you are holding yourself back from creating a successful pipeline. You are also slowing your immediate growth by not creating a mechanism for following up with new contacts efficiently.

With integrated list building, you need to create a few business assets like an irresistible free offer and a signature talk, and then use them together as often as possible.

Do you think any of the above challenges may be why you are struggling to get enough clients? What steps will you take to make a change in it? Please share below.

To learn more about using Integrated List Building in your business, download my free guide 40 Ways to Build Your Email List.

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