Do you wish your website was converting more prospects into sales?

As a member of the Good Life Team on the Change Your Attitude…Change Your Life radio show on WOR in NYC I regularly share strategies for building your business online. Below is the recording of one I put together on making your website a powerhouse for your business.

Here’s it is as an article in case you’d prefer to read than listen…

Consistently, there are three things the strongest websites have:

A Home Page Video

The first is a home page video that speaks to what the business does and how they serve their clients. In a small business this can be as simple as a one-minute video done by the owner of the business. Nothing fancy required, just good quality visuals and audio.

A Client Focused About Page

The second is a client focused about page. People like to know who they are doing business with. A successful about page will not only share information about your company, but will also show your prospects you solve their biggest concerns everyday for clients.

A Clear Call to Action

Third, a clear call to action. Successful website owners lead visitors to the next step they want them to take. Whether its asking them to claim a free gift in exchange for an email address, or suggesting they book a free call, clearly outline for your prospects what the next step is for getting their problems solved.

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