Do These 3 Questions Challenge You Too

Do These 3 Questions Challenge You Too?

Following my recent webinar, 5 Strategies to Book More Sales Calls in the Next 30 Days, I’ve been connecting with potential clients. Together we’ve been uncovering the things that are holding them back so that they can move their businesses forward.

I love these calls because I can often envision the light bulbs turning on for my prospects. And they usually want to take the next step and start working together to turn the challenges around. (Gratifying, of course!)

Through doing this work for a while now, I’ve found that three questions seem to stump my ideal clients.

Question 1: Where do you find your ideal clients?

Most of my ideal clients are still refining theirs. Typically they have a general understanding of who their ideal client is, but they haven’t yet refined it or begun to really understand their habits, desires, stressors and the language they use to describe it all.

As a result, they are struggling to figure out where their ideal client might be and how to put themselves in the position to interact with them. Bottom line, they aren’t running into them or finding them online, so they aren’t creating connections and closing them as clients. Yet!

Question 2: What do you think you should do that will connect with them the fastest?

My prospects often wonder at this question as well. Instead of really trying to understand their own ideal client, their behaviors, and what they like, they have often spent lots of time and money seeking the advice of gurus teaching general strategies for getting clients.

What they end up with is a hodgepodge. No clear strategy, no timeline, no specific goals other than something like: I want to make a million dollars a year and work only 4 hours a week with two full months off.

That’s a great goal if it is yours, but in all likelihood, you are going to need to take some steps along the way. Being clear on how to connect with your clients and do so quickly is going to have to come first!

Question 3: How do you think you should market to them?

My prospects often feel overwhelmed by trying to employ too many marketing strategies at once and getting lackluster results. There are many strategies for marketing to clients. MANY! Discerning which will work for your ideal clients is critical.

On my webinar, I shared the five I work on most consistently with my own clients. Often, when I ask a prospect which of those they think would work best for them, they don’t choose the one that will likely book clients for them most quickly.

It can take the view of someone outside a situation to see what’s really going on. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that this is exactly why the coaching and consulting industries are booming.

Your clients hire you to help them see what they can’t see for themselves. If you are struggling to answer any of these questions for yourself, I’d love to connect with you one-on-one and to see if we can create clarity around them for you.

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