Facebook Fan Page Update Package

Are you feeling squeamish about the new updates to your Facebook Fan Page!

Do you know it is something that you need to handle head-on but wish you didn’t have to think about yet another change to Facebook?

Do you wish that someone could help make it easier for you so that you could spend a few minutes on it, instead of a few hours?

Help is here!

We will help you:

  • Select just the right image(s) for your cover photo, size it and install it.
  • Transition your profile image if necessary.
  • Highlight the right posts and events in your timeline to make them stand out and teach you to do that same going forward
  • Adjust your applications to serve your fans and your business goals.
  • Adjust your page to best manage the disappearance of your landing page tab.
  • Change/create up to three App photo images to enhance the look of your page and direct your fans to the information you most want to share with them.

Contact us if you’d like to learn more about this package.

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