Make People Want to Help You

Make People Want to Help You quoteIn today’s video, I shared three steps that will help you in your business by making people want to help you.

I want to share with you today a fabulous strategy for success in business and it may be a little bit counter-intuitive to you. It is to be a giver.

I recently interviewed someone for my podcast, Advancing Entrepreneur. His focus is on giving. He impressed me tremedously because:

  1. He did not ask about what I could do for him. Instead he asked, “Who are you looking to connect with? What do you need most in your business right now? How can I help you?” Every time I have connected with him, in the process of the pre-interview, the interview and marketing the interview afterward, that has been his way of connecting with me. How can I help you? What do you need most? Who would you most like to be connecting with right now?
  2. It has really impressed me. It has made me want to do as much as possible for him. Because I feel like he’s got my back; therefore I really want to have his.
  3. When you put yourself out there in this way, other people will want to help you. Put yourself out there as a giver. See what comes back to you.

It may not always be from the people you give the most to. People will see that energy in you. They will want to support you as well.

Today’s Implementation Assignment:

Do you find yourself really wanting to take interest in your clients, but you are not sure how to accomplish that? Instead of telling people what you can do for them, ask them what you can do for them? You may find that by asking these important questions people will be more likely to share with you the truth behind their business needs, instead of just small talk. Then help them to narrow down their list to the biggest area of their need. Then at the end of the conversation, keep your ears open and see if you hear relief in their voice, and hope communicated by them. See if you don’t walk away feeling better about the meeting.


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