Do You Want A Steady Flow Of Awesome Clients In Any Economy?

Are You Wondering How Others Make Success Look So Simple When You Are Consistently Frustrated With Mediocre Results?

I Believe You Are A Lot Closer to Success Than You Think You Are!

Perhaps you are a new to business and trying to ramp it up but it’s not going as well as you’d like…

Perhaps you’ve been in business a while, but after early success, you just aren’t getting the clients you need and want...

Perhaps you are frustrated because you feel like you’ve tried everything and you are still not attracting enough clients…



If you are tired of working harder than you ever have before and getting little in return…

Your Solution Is Here!

Because what I am sharing with you below has the power to flood your inbox with potential clients seeking your services.

It is possible that in just a few weeks you will have turned your business around!

Because you can’t keep doing things the way you have been and expect anything other than the same results!

It is time for you to get crystal clear on how to fix the part of your business that has been falling short until now!

It is time to pull yourself out of the glue trap that other entrepreneurs, just like you, may continue to spend years stuck in.

It is time to make the simple changes you need to make in order to shift your business and your income entirely!

It is not your fault that you are struggling the way you are…but don't choose to stay there.

This is your opportunity to halt the struggle!

Suzanne Tregenza Moore

I believe that most entrepreneurs are getting their marketing and services about 80% right. However, when they find themselves struggling or failing, they keep trying to fix the same 80%, never understanding that it is the other 20% they actually needed to change.

I know all about this, because I’ve done it so many times myself! You see, BEFORE I would create a program or market my coaching and have some success, but not enough to achieve my financial goals. Instead of shifting recognizing what the REAL problem was, I kept going back to the well and creating something new. I did this over and over again, exhausting myself and confusing those who followed me in the process.

Not long ago, I recognized this pattern. I saw many others who had been successful, some with programs similar to what I’d created and abandoned (you know this just killed me, right?). And I finally saw for myself that the programs weren’t the issue!

The way I was communicating about them was the issue.

As soon as I realized this, I got down and dirty reworking the 20% of my marketing that had been struggling to serve me or my audience. And once I did, everything changed!

And Socialize, Mesmerize, Monetize™ Academy Was Born!

Praise for Suzanne...

Kelly Schaefer Kelly Schaefer, Task Complete

Before speaking with Suzanne, I found myself in over my head, unsure of what direction to take, how to monetize my content, and the best delivery options that would both be pocket and user friendly. Suzanne was easily able to identify my needs, understand my vision and provide excellent direction on how to use current assets to build my business both online and offline. She knows strategic marketing and how to build a sales funnel and is highly knowledgeable of the necessary systems and back end technology. Now I have a strategy I can put in place to move my goals forward and serve more people in the process. I highly recommend working with Suzanne if you are in need of marketing support for your small business.

Shari Pontillo Shari Pontillo, Twisted Fiber Studio

Before working with Suzanne, I had no clue where to start with marketing. It’s not been a skill I’ve learned or used in my previous work. Trying to figure out what was the best area to focus my marketing efforts was overwhelming and even paralyzing.  Suzanne’s coaching helped me to finally conquer my fears about “marketing” and led me to realize that I can do it. She encouraged me and helped me to reframe how I approach things, changing my perspective from worker to entrepreneur. I have learned and grown so much that I’m truly excited after each call. She gives me the direction I need by breaking down those new, big, seemingly insurmountable tasks into a series of manageable tasks that help me meet my goals. Don’t wait, seek out Suzanne as your coach. The entire experience has been INVALUABLE!

Using Socialize, Mesmerize, Monetize™ System, my one-on-one clients regularly say things to me like...

"Suzanne, I have Struggled With This So Long And You Just Made It Seem So Easy!"

AND! At a time when the world is topsy-turvy, and we don't know what business looks like, or for how long we will be working virtually, I have just had my best month EVER in my coaching business. My clients are hitting the gas on their businesses too, and not letting up due to the pandemic.

Essentially everything I’ve wanted for my business is coming to fruition. My clients are seeing the awesome results, too.

Until now, I’ve never offered anything that provided this comprehensive solution to those who weren’t working with me privately.

But that is changing! You have the opportunity to access my entire system, and get support from me and my selected experts in the process.

It's important to me that your RESULTS are amazing, and I will do everything in my power to make sure they are.

This is NOT a program where you don't have access to the leader. I will be walking side-by-side with you the whole way.

Praise for Suzanne...

Debby Barry

Suzanne is an amazing coach. Her ability to tap into exactly what your next steps need to be in order to move your business forward is right on target. My business moved forward faster in the 6 months I worked with her, than it did in the year prior to that. I was completely overwhelmed with marketing my business and what to do first. Suzanne has the ability to guide and direct me so I was able to create my first webinar as well as my first evergreen program. She showed me how to market my business using step-by-step instructions so that it was not overwhelming at all. I highly recommend working with Suzanne if you are looking to move your business to the next level.

Debby Barry Life Transitions Designs

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If you feel like you have tried everything to market your business, but the clients aren’t coming…

If you are working harder than you ever have before and can’t seem to write yourself a paycheck…

If you keep wishing that someone would tell you what is broken in your sales funnel and how to fix it…

Look no further than…

This program will teach you all of the elements I used to shift my business from frustrating to fabulous and to turn my monthly income into my weekly income!

Praise for Suzanne...

Amara Wagner Amara Wagner, Amara Wellness

Suzanne is a great sounding board for strategy. She gives me great feedback about the different paths I can take my business and helps me to prioritize them.

Catherine Storing Catherine Storing,

Right away I was able to tap into creative ideas and felt comfortable enough to brainstorm and share my ideas with her. Suzanne helped me unleash my vision.

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This program is for you if you want to...

Get direct support from Suzanne

Clearly understand how to communicate to your ideal client

Have step-by-step solution for marketing your business successfully

Stop reinventing yourself

Stand out from the crowd

Serve more people and make a bigger impact on the world

Make more money

Use your time on social media effectively

Network successfully

Leverage the internet to reach more people

Have a following of people who want to work with you

Grow your email marketing list

What You Will Learn When You Join

Module One

Know Your Client Deeply

Dig deep into who your ideal client is. In my experience, few entrepreneurs have this nailed and it is a big source of their struggle. By the time we are done, you will know exactly what makes your ideal client tick and what she wants most.

Module Two

Speak in Her Voice

Once you know your clients deepest desires, you will take them and put the right language around how your work in the world will serve her.

Module Three

Monetize More Often

Develop your range of offers. Be ready to serve your ideal client with an offer that meets her where she is and respects your time.

Module Four

Highlight Your Differences

One of the key elements to mesmerizing potential clients is to Mesmerize them by setting yourself apart from others. This way, they will make the decision to work with you or not to. If they are deciding between you and someone else who does similar work, you haven’t yet nailed this critical element of your marketing.

Module Five

Map Out Your Plan to Mesmerize

There are many strategies for mesmerizing potential clients. In this module, you’ll decide which ones are best for you based on your business and lifestyle. Then you’ll put a clear plan of action into place.

Module Six

Socialize Online and Off

Connection is how we create relationships and selling is still a relationship-based activity. You’ll develop your strategic plan for connecting with your ideal clients online and off in ways that won’t sap your time or energy.

Praise for Suzanne

Jeannie Spiro

Our work together provided me peace of mind, a process and system to follow. I’m no longer working round the clock. I feel as though I have a partner in Suzanne and that she’s equally as invested in my business.

Without a question would I recommend Suzanne—in fact I recommend her to all of my clients. She’s professional, insightful and with her corporate background and expertise I know that she understands how to run a business and work in the world of business. If you’re looking for some to be your strategic partner, it’s Suzanne!

Jeannie Spiro Jeannie Spiro Coaching

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And because you are going to want to refer back to the materials in the Socialize Mesmerize Monetize Program often, you will have lifetime access to it,

Plus, when you register you will be eligible for the following bonuses.

Bonus #1

One hour per month with my virtual assistant to help you get through any techie issues you might have struggled with on your own. ($750 Value)

Bonus #2

Mesmerize With Lead Magnets Self Study Course ($197 Value)

One of the elements of Mesmerizing your ideal clients is providing them the ability to get a taste of what you do through a free gift or offer. My Mesmerize With Lead Magnets Self Study Course teaches you the exact steps to take to do so successfully.

Praise for Suzanne

Laura Clark

Thanks to Suzanne’s support, I’ve expanded my list, sold programs successfully, and really gotten my business off the ground.

Laura Clark

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Let’s just stop here and consider what it would feel like if…

You had a steady stream of clients coming in

You could tell your spouse and loved ones that your business was finally bearing the fruit you knew it could all along

You could stop worrying about how to pay for the marketing you want to do

You could focus more on working with the great clients you have instead of wondering where the next one would come from

You could put your head on the pillow and night knowing that you had done good work in the world and that you were making your mark.

You could stop stressing about your business and life

Consider This A Defining Moment!

The opportunity you have in front of you can help you achieve all of the above and much more.

Your time is now!



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When You Join, You Will Get...

The Entire 6-Week Socialize Mesmerize Monetize™ Program 

This program includes six modules packed with high-quality lessons, worksheets, support and accountability including group laser coaching calls with me. It has been born out of thousands of hours of study and work and thousands of dollars in investments I've made in myself and my business.

Value: $1,800

A $97 Ticket To My 2-Day Socialize Mesmerize Monetize™ Workshop

This two day workshop will be an opportunity to work more closely with me and others who are studying the Socialize Mesmerize Monetize System and how to fully implement it into your business so that you can attract more clients and get them to hire you more quickly and easily.

You will leave the workshop, not only having integrated the system into your business, but also having created relationships with a tribe of entrepreneurs who understand what you are trying to achieve.

Value: $497

Mesmerize With Lead Magnets Self-Study Course

One of the elements of Mesmerizing your ideal clients is providing them the ability to get a taste of what you do through a free gift or offer. My Mesmerize With Lead Magnets Self Study Course teaches you the exact steps to take to do so successfully.

Value: $197

That's A Total Value of almost $2,500!

Not to mention the extra goodies that I will share with you along the way!

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Do you have questions about the course? Please contact my team at

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Investing in your business only works if that investment provides real value, and it is extremely important to me that you will feel this investment has done that for your business. As a result, I’m offering you a 30-day money back guarantee. If any time in the first 30 days of the program, you do not feel that it has met your expectations, simply email me or a member of my team with your completed work and request a full refund. No questions asked. Please note that in doing so you will forfeit your ticket to the Socialize Mesmerize Monetize™ Workshop.

Praise for Suzanne

Wendy Sabin

I found working with Suzanne really empowering. Suzanne helps you break down a project into bite size pieces. Without her direction, I would have struggled to complete the projects I completed during her program.

I highly recommend working with Suzanne. Her clients include some very successful business coaches, and she invests in her business with various coaching programs as well. As a result, she knows a lot about how to make the internet work for your business, with tips on wording, placement, etc, so your messages have maximum impact. The combo of her business knowhow and her technical knowhow is a winning mix.

Wendy Sabin

You Might Have Some Questions...

When does the 6-week program start?

Monday, January 9, 2017

What if I can't attend any portions of it live?

Recordings and worksheets will be available to all those who purchase the program.

Do I need any special equipment to participate?

No. You'll need a computer and a phone.

Will I be able to ask questions?

Yes. There will be weekly Zoom sessions that will allow you to ask questions and be coached directly by Suzanne.

How can I get the most out of the program?

Block time in your calendar for each week starting January 9 for six weeks to take action on the course materials. Show up live to each of the coaching calls (participants will have all the dates before the Christmas holiday).

How Can You Be Sure

Is For You?

This is obviously the most important question you could ask!

Here is how you know the answer...


  • You are great at what you do, but you are struggling to get clients.
  • You aren't getting regular referrals as a result of the online and offline networking you are doing.
  • You feel as though you are just one of many people who do what you do. And your prospect consider working with you as well as others...they aren't sold just speaking with you.
  • You get confused about exactly what to offer clients and how to price it. Sometimes you take something offer your price just to get the client.
  • You have a lot of ideas about how to market yourself, but you aren't sure what the right one is for your current stage of business. So you aren't stepping forward and going with any of them.

Easy Payment Option

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1 Payment of $297

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Do you have questions about the course? Please contact my team at

About Suzanne Tregenza Moore

Suzanne helps coaches and consultants build their businesses both online and off using her Socialize, Mesmerize, & Monetize System™. Her no-nonsense straight talk, clear, concise direction and technical know-how provide the support her clients need and want to get ‘out of their own way’ and take the necessary actions that get them clients and build their email marketing list both online and off. Suzanne has an MBA in Marketing and Entrepreneurship, is a member of the Change Your Attitude…Change Your Life Good Life Team.

Suzanne is regularly featured on...

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