Repurposing Content

Repurposing Content quote Today, I am sharing several suggestions about repurposing content, and what to do with all the content you create through your blog posts.

I wanted to share a few thoughts with you today about how to repurpose the content that you are creating. If you are doing a regular newsletter, ezine, or if you put it on an online event.

First, if you are doing a regular newsletter or ezine every week or every other week, whatever the frequency, take the writing that you were doing, associated with that, and break it down to use in social media posts. It is a great way to support your social media, to get your message out there, and to help teach people.

Second, once you have written a number of blog posts or articles take the content and organize it in a way that you can create an ebook or some kind free offer for people. This is a great way to repurpose that content, get it out to people and possibly bring more people onto your email marketing list.

Third, if you are doing webinars or teleclasses to try to increase your exposure, get people on your list, etc. take the content that you have written and created, and put that into ebook or break it down into your weekly newsletter content.

These are all great ways to repurpose the work that you are already doing so that you do not have to constantly be coming up with new ideas.

Today’s Implementation Assignment:

Review your past content that you have created. Break it down into subject categories establish a library of content that you can reuse across each type marketing content you write. I would love to hear about what you create.

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