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3 Items You Need to Book Speaking Engagements

I meet many people who say “I really want to get out there and speak more” but they haven’t set themselves up for success yet – they don’t have the right marketing tools in place.  If you want to get booked to speak, here are 3 things I recommend that you have at the ready. […]

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A Facebook Profile NO NO

Are you doing business on Facebook?  If you are, hopefully you already have a personal profile that is about connections and things you share with friends, and you also have a separate business page.  If you do not already have a separate business page, my message to you today is that you absolutely must put […]

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Sometimes My Clients Get Angry

I have a little confession to make — sometimes my clients get really, really angry. You may be wondering what that is all about. Watch today’s video to understand why this is actually a good thing! They get angry because I am nudging them out of their comfort zone. I’m helping them to grow and to do […]

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Are You An Advancing Entrepreneur?

I have a question for you today — “Are you an advancing entrepreneur?”  Before you answer this question for yourself, know that I define “advancing entrepreneur” as a mission-driven entrepreneur who just doesn’t quit. If you are not already a mission-driven entrepreneur who just doesn’t quit and who is succeeding everyday in his or her business, […]

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When to Build a Website

I have a message for you today that may seem a bit crazy.  You should not focus on building a website.  I told you it was going to sound crazy, but here is the deal on who it applies to and why… If you are at the very beginning of your business and you do […]

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Build Your Community…not your business card pile

Today’s message is about building your community and not your stack of business cards. You know the stack I’m talking about, don’t you? Watch today’s videos for better choices on what to do with them! Whenever we go to an event, we come back with a pile of business cards — that’s a given. However, […]

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