Tech Failures and Teachings

VICTIMThis week my kiddos are on vacation, but because I took a full week off just a few weeks ago when we all went to Disney World, I am working part days and then spending the rest of each day focused on making sure we all have some fun.

All was going well until yesterday, when I was excited to share my new Marketing Muscle Challenge via Facebook Live. Apparently, our internet connection just wasn’t going to support me with this yesterday morning and multiple tries ended up in what felt like failure.

Immediately, I found myself playing the victim: “stupid internet, now I can’t share my new resource the way I wanted to.” I found a lot to blame and had a moment of wanting to burst into tears.

“Breathe Suzanne. This isn’t the end of the world,” I said. And then I realized: “I could just shoot a video and post it! It’s not what I intended, but it is a perfectly valid choice!”

With this recognition and bumping up against time for lunch with friends and a play date, I left my house with a plan, able to truly enjoy my afternoon.

And I did.

AND, thanks to an understanding husband who not only fixed our internet issues, but also supported me in taking some time to “go live” yesterday evening (you can watch the video here), things are pretty much back on track.

I wanted to share this because I know how easy it is when things go wrong to find yourself in that “victim” place. I’m really thankful that the great people I surround myself with, the stuff that I read, and the work that I’m doing every day to grow myself personally and professionally. All if it is keeping me from falling into old behaviors like that and helping me to move forward even when the going gets tough.

Yesterday was a win. Perhaps not the one I expected! But a win none the less!

What’s your latest win?


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