What are you doing TODAY?

what are you doing todayToday’s video is about marketing.  Usually when we think about marketing we think about big events such as a one-day event, an online seminar, or a telesummit.  The question I would like to ask you today is “What are you doing to market your business TODAY?”

What are your daily marketing efforts?  Successful entrepreneurs know what marketing actions they are going to take when they wake up each morning, and they know what they have accomplished when their heads hit the pillow each night. Each day you should have a plan for sharing your business with others and bringing your gifts to them.  These daily marketing activities can include:

  1. Social Media
  2. Email Marketing
  3. In-Person Events
  4. Reaching Out about Speaking Opportunities

It is important to have a plan to market your business every day.

Today’s Implementation Assignment

Ask yourself this question – “What am I doing to market my business TODAY?” Start to build a plan for daily marketing activities and then work that plan.

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