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2014_04_22 Your Social Media ProfilesHow is the best way to set up your social media profile so that people will be most likely to connect with and work with you?

Today I want to share three things about who you are on your social media profile. If you are an independent entrepreneur or a small business owner, it is often beneficial to you to set up your social media profiles as you as a person. Then say that you are the person who is the founder of, the host of, the owner of, or whatever your business is. The reality is that most people want to do business with people. They connect with you on a personal level and then end up working with you. So even if you your Twitter handle is something specific to your business, your name should appear on your profile. Also, using your picture rather than a logo is very beneficial. People like to do business with people not with logos.

Benefits of Personalizing Your Social Media Profiles

The other benefit is then when you are on social media you are not solely representing your brand. You are actually being yourself. That means if you find things that interest you or if there is something that makes you laugh, you can share it because you are being you. You are not being a brand in a box – which makes social media a LOT more fun!

These are just a couple of ideas about why you should use yourself as your social media profile and not focus on having it be a brand.

Today’s Implementation Assignment:

Look over each of your social media profiles. If you are not personally represented on the profile, incorporate yourself into the profile. Over the next several weeks, go back to your metrics and see if there has been an impact on your social media. I would love to hear about your findings.

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