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Do You Want A Steady Flow Of Awesome Clients In Any Economy?

Are You Wondering How Others Make Success Look So Simple When You Are Consistently Frustrated With Mediocre Results?

I Believe You Are A Lot Closer to Success Than You Think You Are!

Perhaps you are new to business and trying to ramp it up but it’s not going as well as you’d like…

Perhaps you’ve been in business a while, but after early success, you just aren't getting the clients you need and want...

Perhaps you are frustrated because you feel like you've tried everything and you are still not attracting enough clients…


If you are tired of working harder than you ever have before and getting little in return…

Your Solution is Here!

Because what I am sharing with you below has the power to flood your inbox with potential clients seeking your services.

It is possible that in just a few weeks you will have turned your business around!

Because you can’t keep doing things the way you have been and expect anything other than the same results!

It is time for you to get crystal clear on how to fix the part of your business that has been falling short until now!

It is time to pull yourself out of the glue trap that other entrepreneurs, just like you, may continue to spend years stuck in.

It is time to make the simple changes you need to make in order to shift your business and your income entirely!

It is not your fault that you are struggling the way you are…but don't choose to stay there.

This is your opportunity to halt the struggle!

Suzanne Tregenza Moore

I believe most service-based entrepreneurs are 80% of the way to success. However, when they find themselves struggling, they keep trying to fix the same 80%, never understanding the other 20% is the problem.

I’ve done the same thing many times myself!

You see, BEFORE, I would market my services and have some success, but not enough to achieve my financial goals. Instead of digging in and discovering the REAL problem, I kept going back to the well and creating something new. I did this over and over again, exhausting myself and confusing my audience in the process.

More recently, I saw others successfully selling programs similar to what I'd created and scrapped, and I finally recognized my mistake. The programs weren’t the issue!

The way I was communicating about them was the issue.

As soon as I realized this, I got down and dirty reworking the 20% of my marketing that had been struggling to serve me or my audience. And once I did, everything changed!

And Marketing That Monetizes™ Program Was Born!

Praise for Suzanne

Using Marketing That Monetizes™ System, my one-on-one clients
regularly say things to me like...

"Suzanne, I have Struggled With This So Long
And You Just Made It Seem So Easy!"

AND! At a time when the world is topsy-turvy,
and we don't know what business looks like, or for how long we will be
working virtually, I have just had my best month EVER in my coaching business.

My clients are hitting the gas on their businesses too,
and not letting up due to the pandemic.

Essentially everything I’ve wanted for my business is coming to fruition
and my clients are seeing the awesome results, too.

In three years, I haven't offered anything that provided this comprehensive solution to those who weren’t working with me privately.

But that is changing! You have the opportunity to access my entire system, and get support from me in the process.

It's important to me that your RESULTS are amazing, and I will do everything in my power to make sure they are.

This is NOT a program where you don't have access to the leader. I will be walking side-by-side with you the whole way.

Praise for Suzanne

Easy Payment Option

Pay In Full (and save)

2 Payments of $550

2 Payments of $550

If you feel like you have tried everything to market your business, but the clients aren’t coming…

If you are working harder than you ever have before and can’t seem to write yourself a paycheck…

If you keep wishing that someone would tell you what is broken in your sales funnel and how to fix it…

Look no further than…

This program will teach you all of the elements I used to shift my business from frustrating to fabulous and to turn my monthly income into my weekly income!

Praise for Suzanne

Easy Payment Option

Pay In Full (and save)

2 Payments of $550

2 Payments of $550

This program is for you if you want to...

Get direct support from Suzanne

Clearly understand how to communicate to your ideal client

Have step-by-step solution for marketing your business successfully

Stop reinventing yourself

Stand out from the crowd

Serve more people and make a bigger impact on the world

Make more money

Use your time on social media effectively

Network successfully

Leverage the internet to reach more people

Have a following of people who want to work with you

Grow your email marketing list

What You Will Learn When You Join

Easy Payment Option

Pay In Full (and save)

2 Payments of $550

2 Payments of $550

Module One

Know Your Client Deeply

Dig deep into who your ideal client is. In my experience, few entrepreneurs have this nailed and it is a big source of their struggle. By the time we are done, you will know exactly what makes your ideal client tick and what she wants most.

Module Two

Speak in Her Voice

Once you know your clients deepest desires, you will take them and put the right language around how your work in the world will serve her.

Module Three

Monetize More Often

Develop your range of offers. Be ready to serve your ideal client with an offer that meets her where she is and respects your time.

Module Four

Highlight Your Differences

One of the key elements to converting potential clients is setting yourself apart from others. This way, they will make the decision to work with you or not to. If they are deciding between you and someone else who does similar work, you haven’t yet nailed this critical element of your marketing.

Module Five

Map Out Your Best Monetization Path

There are many strategies for drawing potential clients into working with you. In this module, you’ll decide which ones are best for you based on your business, lifestyle, and personality. Then you’ll put a clear plan of action into place.

Module Six

Socialize Online and Off

Connection is how we create relationships and selling is still a relationship-based activity. You’ll develop your strategic plan for connecting with your ideal clients online and off in ways that won’t sap your time or energy.

Praise for Suzanne

Easy Payment Option

Pay In Full (and save)

2 Payments of $550

2 Payments of $550

Plus, when you register you will be eligible for the following bonuses.

Bonus #1

One two-hour, one-on-one Best Monetization Path session with Suzanne (Value $500) FIRST 10 SIGN UPS ONLY

This will be an amazing session for everyone who claims it. We'll work together to develop the best personalized strategy for monetizing in your business.

Bonus #2

Two 15-Minute "Rescue" Calls with Suzanne

These will help you move quickly through any challenges that may arise when you are working on implementing.

Let’s just stop here and consider what it would feel like if...

You had a steady stream of clients coming in.

You could tell your spouse and loved ones that your business was finally bearing the fruit you knew it could all along.

You could stop worrying about how to pay for the marketing you want to do.

You could focus more on working with the great clients you have instead of wondering where the next one would come from.

You could put your head on the pillow and night knowing that you had done good work in the world and that you were making your mark, and helping others make theirs.

You could stop stressing about your business and life.

Consider This A Defining Moment!

Easy Payment Option

Pay In Full (and save)

2 Payments of $550

2 Payments of $550

When You Join You Will Get...

The Entire 8-Week Marketing That Monetizes™ Program

This program includes 6 modules (some are so juicy they take more than one week!) packed with high-quality lessons, worksheets, support and accountability including group laser coaching calls with me. It has been born out of thousands of hours of study and work and thousands of dollars in investments I've made in myself and my business.
Value: $8,000

Weekly Live Q&A Sessions

Each week there will be live Q&A sessions to support you along your journey and to be sure that you don't get stuck.

Value: $2,400

A Private Facebook Group Where You Will Get Support Throughout the Program

You'll be able to build relationships and get support with others in the program as well as get drop in support from Suzanne. 

Value: Priceless

That's A Total Value of more than $10,000!

Not to mention the extra goodies that I will share with you
along the way!

Easy Payment Option

Pay In Full (and save)

2 Payments of $550

2 Payments of $550

You Might Have Some Questions...

When does the 8-week program start?

We are currently in an initial enrollment period, work with Suzanne will start immediately, group work will begin Monday, September 21st.

What if I can't attend any portions of it live?

Recordings and any support materials will be available to all those who purchase the program.

Do I need any special equipment to participate?

No. You'll need a computer and a phone.

Will there be other costs associated with the program?

Depending upon where you are in your business, you may need to invest in an email marketing service, an inexpensive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool, or a program that allows for easy set-up of opt-in pages. The services I recommend are generally inexpensive and worth every penny. Much of this can be done with free levels of each service, but the total might be as high as $150 per month.

Will this program make it easy for me to get clients?

Anything worthwhile in life is not easy. This program will help you focus on the most important work you need to do in order to get clients consistently. There will be hard work involved but it will reap dividends.

How can I get the most out of the program?

Show up. Do the work. Take personal responsibility. Take advantage of as many training and Q&A sessions LIVE that you can. Implement like crazy and ask for help when you are feeling stuck.

Do you offer any refunds?

I offer a 30-day money back guarantee. This guarantee is void, however, if the participant has used a two-hour, Best Monetization Path bonus session with me.

How Can You Be Sure

Is for You?

What should keep me from investing in this program?

Easy Payment Option

Pay In Full (and save)

2 Payments of $550

2 Payments of $550

Do you have questions about the course? Please contact my team at

About Suzanne Tregenza Moore

Suzanne helps independent business women narrow their focus onto the most important things they need to do to bring revenue into their business, rather than playing the game of Whack-a-Mole they often find themselves in.

Since leaving her six-figure corporate career, Suzanne has employed her MBA in Marketing & Entrepreneurship, along with personal experience from living in the weeds of her own business, to support her clients with strategy, marketing, technology, delegation, and mindset.

Her clients describe her as “Invaluable”, a “gentle butt-kicker”, and say she helped them “unleash their vision”. In addition to running her coaching business, Suzanne is the Founder of the Hanover Area, MA Chapter of Polka Dot Powerhouse, a women's connection and networking group.

She and her husband Kevin are parents to two sons and a labradoodle daughter. They live on the South Shore of MA.

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