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The Exact Script I Use to Ask Clients for TESTIMONIALS Which Gets Me Great Results Every Single Time

Take the guesswork out of getting the perfect testimonial with my super simple, instantly actionable swipe file to get you raving reviews that close future clients.

Grab My Free "Foolproof Testimonial Request Swipe File" and Get the Specific and Glowing Testimonials to Grow Your Business.

Testimonials can be an amazing asset to building any business. Getting good ones can be tricky. This swipe file will help you cut right trough any challenges helping you come away with testimonials you'll be able to use EVERY TIME!

No more stress about asking

Step 1

You'll have the exact words to use that will guide your clients and customers into a glowing testimonial.

Show up as a five star review every time

Step 1

With great testimonials showing the level of service you provide, future clients will be begging to work with you.

No more having clients say "I don't know what to say"

Step 3

This script asks them specific questions and provides you with answers that craft excellent social proof.

Save yourself precious time

Step 4

You won't dilly-dally about getting testimonials anymore because you'll know exactly how to ask EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

About Suzanne Moore

Suzanne Tregenza Moore helps independent business women narrow their focus onto the most important things they need to do to bring revenue into their business, rather than playing the game of Whack-a-Mole they often find themselves in.

Since leaving her six-figure corporate career, Suzanne has employed her MBA in Marketing & Entrepreneurship, along with personal experience from living in the weeds of her own business, to support her clients with strategy, marketing, technology, delegation, and mindset.

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