Hi There!

I'm Suzanne.

A mother, a coach,
a dog-lover,
and an author.
I work with authors &
entrepreneurs helping
them grow awesome
businesses they love.

Here's what you really need to know about me...I believe in you!

That’s right! We may not even know each other yet, but I believe in you.

One of the things that makes me sad in the work I do with entrepreneurs is that they often don’t believe enough in themselves to get where they need to go.

It’s ok. I’ve got you. And while we work through whatever business or marketing strategy gunk we need to work through to get you on the right path, I’ll help you learn to believe in yourself, too.

I also believe that there is no reason we need to be tied to a corporate job in order to put our brilliance into action. Each of us can be a significant financial contributor to our household while also being the person that gets our kids to soccer, baseball, or dance class.

As Marie Forleo says:
“Everything is figuroutable!”

When I work with my coaching clients – either one-on-one or in groups – I love to help them identify what isn’t working and to make the necessary shifts. Often, they are small ones that make a great, big impact.

Some of the commonalities I see in my clients are that they are getting pulled in so many directions, by family, friends, varying coaching voices – none of whom they are truly invested in working with – they bounce from item to item, project to project, never settling into the work they need to do to grow their business and their revenue.

My goal is to break this cycle for each and every one of my clients. I want to help them identify how they can make the biggest impact for their own clients and how they can convey that impact so that selling stops feeling like a chore.

You may wonder how I got where I am...

My first jobs after college included lots of administrative work…the kind that required typing tests despite my college degree in order to qualify.

Then I got my MBA in Marketing and Entrepreneurship. I worked for one entrepreneurial company for a couple of years and then took a job with one that lasted nine years. When I started with the company there were eleven employees. When I finished with them there were more than 350 and we were publicly traded on the NASDAQ. I reported directly to the CEO and handled all corporate communications.

During those nine years, I also got married and had two sons. I knew that I didn’t want to go somewhere new and “prove” myself again. It was time to fly on my own.

So I did.

Despite wanting to be a business coach, I didn’t feel I could be one until I’d run my own successful business. Enter, The Implementation Station, a virtual assistant company for coaches and other service-based entrepreneurs.

That business taught me a lot about running a business, managing a team, coaching clients, charging what I am worth, and serving others. The experience wasn’t without pain, sacrifice or failure, but it got me to where I am today.

Here are some additional "fun facts"...

At age 5, I attempted my first entrepreneurial adventure selling fuzzy leaves to neighbors in my suburban New Jersey neighborhood. Not my most successful business venture!

At 16, I played the sexy character of Sonia in Godspell confirming for myself that I would always enjoy taking center stage. #leo

At 28, I graduated from the Babson MBA program with a focus on Marketing and Entrepreneurship.

At 32, I married and immediately started a family with a dog named Brody. Two boys followed: Stuart in 2007 and Walter in 2009.

September 2010, I left Corporate America forever and haven’t regretted it for a moment. Soon after I started The Implementation Station.

February 2014, the ride of a lifetime started when we moved our family to Manchester, VT.

December 2015, I joined the Change Your Attitude…Change Your Life “Good Life” team delivering marketing strategies on air at WOR and AM970 in the New York City Market and writing for the brand’s digital magazine, 24 Seven, for three and a half years.

August 2018, after more moves related to my former husband’s career than either of us ever expected, my family moved to Hanover, MA where we have finally settled.

January 2019, I found Polka Dot Powerhouse and launching a chapter became the next step on my leadership journey.

December 2019, I decided it was time to step up in my coaching business rather than continuing to self-sabotage.

September 2021, after years of helping others launch best-selling books on Amazon, I launched my own: Hang On Tight! Learn to Love the Roller-Coaster of Entrepreneurship.

And, in case you are looking for my formal bio...

Suzanne Tregenza Moore helps entrepreneurs and non-fiction authors narrow their focus onto the most important things they need to do to bring revenue into their business, rather than playing the game of Whack-a-Mole with their to-do list.

Since leaving her six-figure corporate career, Suzanne has employed her MBA in Marketing & Entrepreneurship, along with personal experience from living in the weeds of her own business, to support her clients with strategy, marketing, technology, delegation, and mindset.

Her clients describe her as “Invaluable”, a “gentle butt-kicker”, and say she helped them “unleash their vision”. In addition to running her coaching business, Suzanne is the Founder of the Hanover Area, MA Chapter of Polka Dot Powerhouse, a women's connection and networking group.

She is the mother to two sons and a labradoodle daughter. They live on the South Shore of MA. Her first book Hang On Tight! Learn to Love the Roller-Coaster of Entrepreneurship published by Highlander Press launched as a best-selling new release on Amazon.