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How to Make the Game-Changing Shift from Struggle to Success as a Solopreneur

In this talk, Suzanne shares her own experiences with entrepreneurial struggle and the three AHAs that turned things around for her. The audience will learn:

How to be a Successful Modern Feminine Leader

Many women believe they don't have what's necessary to lead. In this presentation, Suzanne shares what she believes makes someone a leader, and why it is time to release the myth that you don't have what it takes. The audience will learn:

3 Ways to End the Feast or Famine Cycle of Entrepreneurship

Many entrepreneurs struggle to bring in consistent cash flow. In this presentation, Suzanne debunks some myths and highlights the most important actions to take in order to create even revenue in your business. The audience will learn:

How to Speak to Your Ideal Client

Despite being told to develop an ideal client profile, most entrepreneurs struggle to narrow theirs down enough and to truly understand the language to use to catch her attention. In this talk, Suzanne walks the audience through a number of worksheets and exercises to help them finally identify how to speak to their respective ideal clients.

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